Recent sources mention a company called either "Kyoto Seiki Co.", "Kyoto Seiko Co." or "Kyoto Precision Manufacturing", presumably named after the city of Kyoto:

  • the Flex Six 6×6 SLR made in the early 1940s is attributed to "Kyoto Seiki Co." in Sugiyama and McKeown (but it is a name variant of the Shinkoflex, certainly made by Shinkō Seiki);
  • the Lovely, a subminiature taking 14×14mm exposures on 17.5mm film and made in the late 1940s, is attributed to "Kyoto Seiki Co." in McKeown and to "Kyoto Seiko Co." in Sugiyama;
  • the Cine Vero, a 24×36mm viewfinder camera made in the 1940s, is attributed to "Kyoto Precision Manufacturing" in Sugiyama and McKeown (but some details hint that it was manufactured by Kinshō, another company based in Kyoto).

All these names possibly correspond to a single company Kyōto Seiki (京都精機, meaning Kyoto Precision Products), but no original document has yet been found to support these claims.

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