The Pop-Super is a 35mm point-and-shoot camera, introduced by Konica in 1988, a successor to the successful Konica pop models. Has built-in lens cover.


  • Type: Point and Shoot
  • Film: 35mm
  • Film Loading: Auto-loading system (micromotor). Film check window provided.
  • Film Rewinding: Automatically rewound after all frames exposed.
  • Frame Counter: Additive type reset automatically when film is rewound.
  • Film Speed Range: With DX film, auto-setting ISO 100/200 and 400; with non-DX film default to ISO 100.
  • Format: 24 X 36mm (135)
  • Lens: Konica 34mm f/4.5 (3 groups, 3 elements), camera to subject distance 1.5m (5ft.) to infinity
  • Viewfinder: Bright frame. Magnification 0.52X, field of view 83%
  • Shutter: Behind-the-lens type.
  • Shutter Speed: 1/125 sec. automatically locked when lens cover is closed.
  • Aperture: Without flash; f/8 at ISO 100/200, f/16 at ISO 400. With flash f/4.5 at ISO 100/200 (1.5m-3m), f/4.5 at ISO 400 (1.5m-6m)
  • Focusing: Fixed focus
  • Flash: Built-in electronic. Camera to subject distance at ISO 100/200 1.5m-3m (5ft-10ft); at ISO 400 1.5m-6m (5ft-20ft).
  • Flash Recycle Time: 3 sec.
  • Auto Date (Optional): Built-in digital calendar/clock, LCD, Records date or time automatically, Recording cancel function. Programmed through Dec. 31, 2019.
  • Camera Battery: DL123A-3V
  • Battery for Auto-date mechanism: CR2025-3V.
  • Dimensions: 125 X 68 X 47mm; 125 X 68 X 49mm (auto-date)
  • Weight: 200g (7.1oz) without battery; 210g (7.4oz) auto-date without battery

Available in black, red or blue.