The DiMAGE Z6 was one of the last products of the photo imaging division of Konica Minolta. The Zn-line of digital cameras was popular in the new market for light, ergonomic consumer zoom digicams. Konica Minolta was busy to push more and more Zn-camera versions into this market. But what started good ended in a fiasco. The Z6 may be the most cute and elegant camera of the Zn-series, but it has certain flaws. The manufacturer even reduced the quality of the video function to that of a useless gimmick. Sometimes the autofocus makes problems, and overall image quality is not for those who know better cameras. It's equipped with Konica Minolta's unique CCD-shift antishake mechatronics. Professional testers have found out that this antishake really reduces camera shake image faults from 95% to 67% faulty pictures (dim light with ISO 160). Sony has bought or licensed this technology from Konica Minolta for using it in their coming alpha SLR series.

For users of cheap noname consumer digicams the Z6 is a much better camera, but for those who have seen some cameras of other good camera makers or just the Z6's early predecessor's from Konica Minolta it's in most cases a somehow disappointing camera. That's the reason why user descriptions of it on popular websites are so different.



  • Lens: 1:2.8–1:4.5/5.83–69.9 mm (35–420mm when compared with lenses for 35mm film), 13 lenses in 10 groups
  • Autofocus: video autofocus
  • Exposure control: multi segment or integral center-weighted or spot metering
  • CCD: 1/2.5" type Interline CCD with 6,4 million pixels (6 million effective, giving 2816 x 2112 Pixel format)
  • film speed emulation: 50 - 320 ASA
  • Shutter speed: 4 - 1/1000 sec.
  • Viewfinder: 0.3" digital finder with optical diopter correction, plus 2" display, both devices showing 114000 pixels
  • flash: guide number 8 (ISO 100)
  • memory: Multimedia Card or Secure Digital Card
  • weight: 435 g (15,3 oz.)
  • dimensions: 109 x 80 x 84 mm (4,3´x 3,2 x 3,3 inch)


The Z6 on KoMi's US-site