The Konica C35 EFP is a 35mm compact camera with built-in flash, made by Konica in Japan, introduced in 1978. The 38mm f4 lens is fixed-focus. Inside the 46mm filter thread is a switch giving a choice between 100 and 400 ASA, which switches between two apertures. The shutter is single speed, 1/125s. There is a CdS cell providing a low-light warning, but not full metering.

The built-in flash pops up - sliding the whole panel upward - when selected by an orange release button; pushing it back down again turns it off. There is a button on the (user's) right of the lens for close-up flash. Power for the flash and the exposure warning comes from two AA batteries.

The lens is typically contrasty for a Hexanon and fairly sharp over medium distances on bright days. The shutter release is a bit noisy, however, so this is not an ideal camera for candid street photography. Many Konicas of this vintage suffer from corroded battery compartments, meaning the flash stops working, so it is important to remove the batteries (2 AA alkalines) if the camera is going into storage.