The Kodak Stereo is a 35mm stereo camera that was made by Kodak from 1954 to 1959. About 100,000 were made to a design by Arthur H Crapsey.

It takes a pair of 23x24mm format pictures at each exposure. It has a brown bakelite body, a pair of three element Kodak Anaston 35mm f:3.5 lenses, with a coupled setting of the focus by rotating rings, and of the aperture and shutter speed (from 1/25 to 1/200 plus B) by sliding bars. The viewfinder is between the two lenses.

It was the first stereo camera made by Kodak since the Stereo Kodak, Model 1[1] was last made in 1925 and no Kodak stereo cameras have been made since.

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  1. Kodak Cameras, at the Brownie Camera Page
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