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A series of 620 film box cameras made of sheet metal, by Kodak Ltd. in England. There were three generations, from 1937-41, 1946-53 and - renamed "Brownie Six-20" - 1953-57[1].

Factory initially named Kodak Ltd., London which is then changed its name to the UK arm of Eastman Kodak Co.. Since 1889 the factory was one of the Eastman Photographic Materials Company. In 1891 he opened a factory in Harrow near London, where he produced cameras, photographic paper and other accessories. Harrow Branch was closed due to changes in production profile, and the building was demolished in 2007.

Specification of Kodak Six-20 Brownie D

  • Manufacturer - Kodak Ltd., Harrow, England
  • Date of manufacture - 1946-1953 (first version)
  • Frame size: 60x90, roll type film 620 (narrow spool)
  • Shutter leaf: B, 1/50s
  • Lenses - Meniscus f/11 100mm, portrait.
  • Aperture - 2 settings
BrownieD MM03

Kodak Six-20 Brownie D top view

by Ryszard Kobus


Brownie D m2

Kodak Six-20 Brownie D

by Ryszard Kobus

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