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The Retina IIF, made by Kodak AG between 1964 and 1967[1] in Germany, is a 35mm rangefinder camera with a flash holder built in to the top plate (hence the F designation). There was also a PC socket for external flash. Coupled exposure metering powered by an on-board selenium solar cell was provided, with a needle-centering display in the viewfinder. A PX-13 battery was fitted in the base solely to fire the AG-1 flash bulb.  Focus and metering are very rapid and accurate; this camera is quite capable of very sharp images edge to edge, and well exposed color slides. Although at least one printing of the owners manual referenced automatic exposure, manual adjustment is actually required. The camera utilizes metal door and hinge baffles for light control rather than foam, so remains light-tight even today.

The Retina IIF had the designation type 047.