The Kodak Easyshare P880 was introduced in September 2005, it is the top camera in the new performance series which also includes the P850. It is a mix between a fully fledged DSLR and a compact camera, where you can not change the lens but you can still add extra lenses to it by using an adaptor.

Features Edit

  • 8MP(CCD 8.3MP) resolution
  • optical zoom of 5.8x.
  • It has a LCD of 2.5"(6.4cm) with an adjustable brightness setting.
  • Electronic viewfinder with a resolution of 237K.
  • Top speed of 1/4000s in both manual and automatic mode.
  • Slowest speed of 16s in manual and 1/2s in automatic mode.
  • Video 640 x 480 in 30 frames/s
  • Hotshoe flash connector
  • Inbuilt flash
  • Manual zoom and focus rings
  • Automatic focus

You can read the full specifications at Kodak. There is also a Wikipedia entry

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