Kodak Jiffy is a medium format folding cameras series made by Eastman Kodak Co. Ltd., Rochester, NY, USA and produced between 1937-48.


  • Jiffy Six 16 (1933-37)
  • Jiffy Six 20 (1933-37)
  • Jiffy Six 16 Series II (1937-48)
  • Jiffy Six 20 Series II (1937-48)

Both of the Jiffy first series and the Series II models made with two similar versions except the film size, one for 616 film named Six 16 and one for 620 film named Six 20.

First series were made with Art Déco painted front plate, but the Series II front plate was covered with black leatherette.

Specifications of Series II[]

  • Film:
    • Six 16: 616 roll, picture size: 6.5x11cm
    • Six 20: 620 roll, picture size: 6x9cm
  • Engraving on the back cover opening catch: Six 16 or Six 20, Jiffy Kodak, Series II, Made in USA by Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester, N.Y.
  • Lens: Twindar (Periscopic), 105mm f/8 filter slip-on
  • Aperture: two, f/8, f/11 (some cameras have f/16 also), sets by a pull-out tab on the left of the front plate
  • Focus range: 5-10 feet +inf
  • Focusing: manual front focusing, there are two extreme stops, 5 to 10 feet and Beyond 10 feet
  • Shutter: simple spring rotary shutter, one speed, I instant 1/50 (1/25?) and T time, setting lever on the top of the front plate
  • Cocking lever and Shutter release: by the same lever, for instant press once, aperture hole opens and closes
  • Viewfinder: two reflecting bright finders
  • Bellows: single extension, strut folding, self opening
  • Front plate and bellows opening: by a silver knob on the right side of the camera; closing: press outwards the struts
  • Back cover: Hinged, opens by a latch on top of the camera, with a red window w/ a lid
  • There is a sticker inside of the back cover: Use Kodak 616 or 620 film
  • Tripod socket: none
  • Hand grip lugs
  • Camera leg: swivelling for vertical and horizontal standing, beneath the front plate
  • Body: metal, leatherette covered; Weight: 753g
620 art deco

Six 16 first series w/Art Deco front plate