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The Kodak Colorsnap 35 - largely a 35mm version of the Bantam Colorsnap, was made in the UK by Kodak Ltd. The 43.9mm f3.9 Anaston lens is set in a single-speed shutter, with aperture scale marked in weather symbols and EV numbers. The underside of the lens barrel is marked with the film speed scale, which calibrates the aperture for the weather symbols and combines with a flash distance scale. Fitting for screw-and pin flash is provided on the users left. There is a frame counter disc on the top right, which needs to be manually reset on loading.

There were two models:

  • the first made from July 1959-January 1964[1], with a top plate step around the rewind knob; the shutter release on the edge of the top plate is pressed backwards (rather than the usual downwards);
  • the second, "Model 2", March 1964-November 1967[1], with a flat top plate, flush nameplate and recessed/pop-up rewind knob (with a film reminder on top); the shutter release is now purely on the front. The model 2 lens barrel has a cylindrical rotating part, rather than a conical section, and now has a groove for Kodisk filters, which would simply fit around the outside on the first model.

The Auto Colorsnap 35 (1962-64) is an auto-exposure version, styled as a combination of the first Colorsnap 35 and the Kodak Autosnap.

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