The Kodak Brownie Twin 20 was a moulded plastic box camera, produced by Kodak initially at Rochester, NY, USA, and later in England. It was similar to smaller Kodak cameras in the Star series.


  • Dates of production: April 1959 to September 1964.
  • Film: 620, 12 6×6cm images
  • Lens: Continuous focusing 4ft-∞, marked into zones; f/11, stops for Exposure Values 13, 14 & 15
  • Shutter: single-speed, with flash synch.
  • Screw and pin flash contacts. The instruction manual recommends the use of the Kodak Midget Flashholder or "if you want real speed and ease, ask your dealer about the Kodak Rotary Flasholder, type 1."[1]
  • Two finders: eye-level sports finder & waist-level brilliant finder, with "super slide" markings.
  • Winding knob on base, cocks shutter; roller on film is supposed to stop winding at correct point.
  • Double-exposure prevention.


  1. Quotation from instruction manual.


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