Kodak Brownie No.2A Model B and C are medium format film box cameras made by Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester, N.Y., USA. and also by Canadian Kodak Ltd., Toronto, and Kodak Ltd.,UK. and produced between 1920-24.

The successor of Model B is Brownie No.2A Model C produced between 1924-33. It is same with Model B except metal body.


  • Film: roll 116 film, picture size: 6.5x10.5cm
  • Lens: simple meniscus lens type, behind the shutter
  • Aperture: three hole, 5.6-f/16 setting: by Exposure slide tab on top of front plate
  • Focusing: fixed focus
  • Shutter: simple spring rotary shutter, one speed 1/50 +T
  • T setting by a small sliding tab on the top of the front plate
  • Cocking lever and Shutter release: by the same lever, press once downwards, shutter hole opens and closes, for the next exposure press upwards the lever, on the right side of the camera
  • Viewfinder: two eyepieces, reflecting type brilliant finders
  • Winding lever: on the right lower side of the camera
  • Red window on the back of the camera
  • Film loading: the wooden box slides out from the front and film loading part of the camera by loosening the latches [1]
  • Hand
  • Body: box wooden, (Model C metal) film loading parts metal; Weight:

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The Model B camera in the pictures is Canadian made and has an embossing on the film loading part: No.2A Brownie Camera Model B. Patented in USA. Jan.12,1897, Apr.11,1899, Sep.7.1909 by Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester, N.Y. Manufactured by Canadian Kodak Limited. Toronto, Canada


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