The Brownie Bull's-Eye was a Bakelite Box camera made by Kodak between 1954 & 1960, designed by Arthur H Crapsey (who also designed the highly successful Kodak Brownie Star series). The body featured an eye-level viewfinder and a large shutter-release button on the front vertical edge, in front of the winding knob. It was available in black (with light-grey winding knob, focus & shutter-release)- from 1954-1958, or a beige colour (called "gold", with black controls) from 1958-1960[1].

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Specifications[edit | edit source]

  • Country of orign: USA
  • In production: 1954 - 1960
  • Lens: Kodak Twindar, zone focussing
  • Shutter: rotary, with flash synch; Speeds "Long" (bulb) or "Instant"
  • Film: 620 film, 8 6x9cm exposures

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