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The Bantam Colorsnap was made in the UK by Kodak Ltd, in three models lasting from 1955-1963. It took 28×40mm frames on 828 roll film. The first version's body is styled a little like the US-made Pony 828, but with a platform around the lens barrel.

There were three models

  • Bantam Colorsnap (1955-59)
  • Bantam Colorsnap II (1959-61)
  • Bantam Colorsnap 3 (1961-63)

The Anaston lens focuses, scaled in feet plus three ranges, Views, Groups and Close-ups. Exposure is set by a large ring around the lens, calibrated in Exposure Values, which adjusts the aperture. The shutter speed is fixed.

On the original model, the EV is found from a table printed on a plate on the back. This model has a large knob for film advance on the photographer's left, and a film reminder on the right of the top plate; the shutter-release is a conventional downward-moving button on the top.

The third model has the EV scale indexed to to four weather symbols by two pointers, for dark and light scenes, and another scale is added on the EV ring, below the lens, for flash use. This model is based on a body very like the Brownie 44A, and has a shutter-release beside the )now larger) viewfinder objective which pressed inwards, towards the photographer. Film is now advanced by a lever. The film reminder is now on the photographer's left.

The Bantam Colorsnap was followed by the Colorsnap 35.