Kodak AG is the German branch of the Kodak company. It originated as the independent Nagel, and its founder Dr. August Nagel became general director of the company when it was bought by Eastman Kodak Company on December 1, 1931. Kodak A.G. Dr. Nagel Werk developed its own line of products including the Kodak Retina Camera. The first Retina camera ( Typ 117 ) was introduced in the summer of 1934 along with a new 35mm film Daylight Loading Cartridge (DLC). Dr. August Nagel held the German patent for this new 35mm DLC. This 35mm Daylight Loading Cartridge was designed for the Kodak Retina camera and was also designed to retrofit into existing Leica and Contax cameras. Nagel's son Helmut Nagel led the company after the war.

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See the Instamatic page for a comprehensive list.

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  • Nagel, Helmut: "Zauber der Kamera - Beispiele aus dem Kodak- Nagel-Werk" (1977)

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