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Franz Kochmann founded the Franz Kochmann Fabrik photographischer Apparate in 1921, and started production of folding cameras. The first reflex camera was offered in 1923. It was improved as the Enolde Reflex, launched in 1924. The same Enolde brand was used for various folding plate cameras, and later rollfilm cameras.

The next main developments were the Korelle viewfinder folding cameras, issued in various formats from 1931 onwards. The company's major success was the Reflex-Korelle 6×6 SLR, released in 1935.

In 1938 Franz Kochmann emigrated from Germany and the company was renamed Korelle-Werk G. H. Brandtmann. At the end of World War II the company burnt down when the city of Dresden was bombed severely by the Allies. Since Dresden was part of Soviet-occupied East Germany, the state took over ownership of the company. In 1947 the resulting Korelle-Werke restarted production. In 1948 the company was taken over by the state-owned VEB WEFO. The Meister-Korelle, a development of the Reflex-Korelle, was launched in 1950. In 1951 WEFO was taken over by VEB Welta-Kamerawerke, which produced the last Korelle-cameras until 1952 in its plant in Niedersiedlitz.


  • 1924: Enolde Reflex (SLR)
  • 1930: Enolde rollfilm cameras


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