Template:Japanese older 6×9 The Kinka Roll (錦華ロール) is a Japanese 6×9cm folding camera, made by Yamamoto Shashinki Kōsakusho in 1936 and 1937.[1]

General description[]

The Kinka Roll is a vertical folding camera taking both 6×9cm and 4.5×6cm exposures. It is not self erecting and the lens standard needs to be manually pulled out after opening. It seems that the focusing is controlled by a lever placed on the right of the folding bed. There is a folding optical finder and a brilliant finder attached to the U-shaped lens standard. The advance knob is at the top right, as seen by a photographer holding the camera horizontally. The back is hinged to the left and the back latch is covered by a leather handle.

Commercial life[]

The Kinka Roll was advertised in issues of Asahi Camera dated December 1936, January and April 1937, reproduced above.[2] The December 1936 advertisement only shows a picture of the camera, paired with a description of the Kinka C plate folder — surely by mistake. The January and April 1937 advertisements list four versions of the Kinka Roll:

The case is offered separately, at ¥6. All the documents show the same picture of a camera with an Elka-C shutter and certainly a Trionar f/4.5 lens.


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Original documents[]

  • Asahi Camera. Advertisements by Yamamoto Shashinki Kōsakusho:
    • December 1936, p.A58;
    • January 1937, p.A56;
    • April 1937, p.A65.

Recent sources[]

This camera is not listed in Sugiyama.