Company History[]

The King family business started in Pforzheim in 1936 producing electrical components. Bigger premises were acquired at Bad Liebelzell in 1938, but the war interrupted plans, and the company re-emerged as Regula-Werk King KG, with the affordable King Regula camera being it's main line. The company produced some flashguns and a vast array of 35mm cameras under various names, producing many for other companies including Boots, Dixons and Foto-Quelle's Revue brand; while some were even built under licence in places as far away as India. By 1970, a failed SLR project cost the company dearly (infringement of Leitz patents), and the pocket cameras took on an altogether cheaper look, often being bought in from Hong Kong. The 110 format models kept the company afloat until 1984 when it was declared bankrupt. A brief revival allowed other makers to badge-engineer Regula products for a while longer, including Voigtlander, who ordered its Virolet 110 through King, even after production switched to Hong Kong.

Regula cameras[]

are listed on their own page.

Non-Regula cameras[]

  • Dominant
  • Tickyphot
  • Pacer 35K & Orizont Optim A (Similar to the Regula Picca C)