The Kiev 6C (latin letter type 6S) or Kiev 6C TTL are medium format SLR cameras built in the Arsenal factory in Ukraine during the Soviet era. The design was based very closely on the popular East German Pentacon Six and as such it shared many of that camera's design flaws. It is fully manual, has TTL metering within the removable prism, and uses 120 or 220 roll film.

The Kiev 6C cameras use cloth focal plane shutters and support speeds from 1/1000 to 1/2 sec, as well as a bulb (B) setting.

The lenses are interchangeable with the Pentacon Six mount. Original lenses were not coated and therefore mostly suitable for black and white work.

Later the design was revised with improvements to the shutter and film advance mechanisms as well as the dropping of the 220 film format. With much newer designed multicoated lenses included it was released again as the Kiev 60. The Kiev 60 is considered to be a much more robust camera due to its revised design.

Although similar looking to a Kiev 60, the 6C models are easily identified by the left hand shutter button. Kiev 6C cameras generally sell for less than comparable condition Kiev 60 models.


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