Berkey Keystone is a division of Berkey Photo Inc. of White Plains, New York, USA. They made a large number of simple 126 cartridge and 110 cartridge cameras - many with built-in electronic flash (an innovative feature for low-end cameras on their early models), and some instant cameras using Polaroid film - and a few in other formats such as 35mm and Disc. Keystone was in a infringement suit with Polaroid in 1975 over the patents to their SX70 compatible camera. There was also a Keystone range of cine cameras. During World War II, Keystone also manufactured aerial cameras for the military.

Instant cameras[]

Disc film[]

  • Keystone Everflash 1030
  • Keystone Everflash 1040
  • Keystone Everflash 1050
  • Keystone Everflash 1070
  • Everflash Funshooter 130
  • Everflash Funshooter 140
  • Everflash Funshooter 170

35mm film cameras[]

126 film cameras[]

110 film cameras[]