Kapsa is a Bakelite (and later other plastic) 120 or 620 film 6x9cm/6x4cm box camera made in São Paulo, Brazil by D. F. Vasconcellos (DFV)[1]. It was introduced in the early 1950s. There was a hinged mask for conversion to 6x4cm frames. The 110mm Vascromat lens has two auxiliary lenses giving three focus distances; 1-2 metres, 2-8 metres, and 8 metres-infinity. The camera is fitted with a single-leaf leaf shutter with a speed of 1/100 second and B, with three aperture sizes, f22, f16, and f11. On one side it has a metal panel with all the controls except the film advance knob. Of course it has the two brilliant viewfinders which are typical for box cameras.

It was considered a budget camera in comparison to more advanced cameras of the time due to it's limited focusing abilities.


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