Kalimar Inc. was an American distributor founded by Bob Lipsitz in 1952. It started importing Aires 35 cameras from Japan to the U.S.A. . It distributed a number of rebadged cameras from Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany and the Soviet Union. It was acquired by Tiffen in 1999.

Kalimar distributed the Barbie camera in 1993.

Distributed cameras[edit | edit source]

roll film[edit | edit source]

pocket film[edit | edit source]

35mm film[edit | edit source]

  • Kalimar 3D (3-dimensional 3-lens camera)
  • Kalimar A

    Kalimar A

  • Kalimar DK-3
  • Kalimar C-64 (Made by Haking in Hong Kong)
  • Kalimar Paulette Electric (a rebadged Halina Paulette Electric)
  • Kalimar Spirit AF


  • Kalimar Spirit P
  • Kalimar Sport AF]
  • Kalimar SR 100 (a rebadged Zenit B)
  • Kalimar SR 200 (a rebadged Zenit E)
  • Kalimar SR 300 (a rebadged Zenit EM)

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