Kagiya Yoko is a Japanese company based in Osaka, whose name appears on a relatively recent 9×12cm field camera presented below (and in this page at

The camera is identified by a red nameplate marked KAGIYA YOKO OSAKA MADE IN JAPAN, with an oval APS logo and the mention TRADE MARK. The exact same plate appears on the wooden box of Japanese sextants.[1]

In the name, the word "Yoko" certainly corresponds to the Japanese word yōkō (洋行), meaning "trading company", and the company was probably the distributor of products made by subcontractors. It might possibly correspond to the Kagiya Yōkō (カギヤ洋行, meaning Kagiya Trading Company)[2] which currently (2009) appears in various corporate directories,[3] with an address in Osaka.[4]


  1. Sextant auctioned on September 18, 2007 by Lunds.
  2. The name Kagiya is written in katakana, but might originate from a family name, perhaps 鍵谷.
  3. Kagiya Yōkō at Yahoo Local, and various other hits in search engines.
  4. The exact address is Sumiyoshi-ku Higashi Kohama 3–13–5.


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