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Kadunder Shōkai (カゼンデル商会) was a Japanese distributor in the 1930s and early 1940s, based in Tokyo.[1] It is said that it also operated under the English name Kadunder Photo Supply Co., and that it was the sole Asian agent for the Corygon lenses by Friedrich.[2] It distributed the Auto Keef 4×4 rangefinder camera and the Semi Keef 4.5×6 camera in the early 1940s (see the corresponding pages).

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. It is said that it was based in Kanda in Yazawa, p.15 of Camera Collectors' News no.235. Its address in 1943 was a postal box: 私書函東京中央郵便局656, meaning Tokyo Central Post Office, Postal Box 656. Source: advertisement dated March 1943 reproduced in Kokusan kamera no rekishi, p.65.
  2. Yazawa, p.15 of Camera Collectors' News no.235.

Bibliography[edit | edit source]

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