The name Kōsoku appears in various Japanese company names. When written 光測, it means "light measuring"; when written 高速, it means "high-speed".


Kōsoku-sha (光測社) was probably a Japanese camera maker. It is said that it made the Freude around 1942.[1] It is also mentioned in the official price list dated November 1941 as the maker of the Freude Six.[2] It might be the same company as Tōkyō Kōsoku Seiki-sha.

Tōkyō Kōsoku Seiki-sha[]

Tōkyō Kōsoku Seiki-sha (東京光測精機社) was a Japanese camera maker, which made the Rorter Ref and Rorterflex from 1941 to 1944. Its address was Kyōbashi-ku Ginza (京橋区銀座) 8–3 in Tokyo.[3] It might be the same company as Kōsoku-sha.

Kōsoku Kikan[]

The company Kōsoku Kikan (高速機関) is mentioned in the official list of set prices dated November 1941, as the maker of the Semi Ace and of the Romax (6×6).[4] The shutter of the Romax is called Kōsoku (in katakana: コーソク) in an advertisement dated March 1942.[5]


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