The Junka is sub-miniature, small aperature, metal-bodied camera produced by Junka-Werke[1] in Nuremburg, Germany in the mid-1930s. The camera produced 3×4 cm exposures on special roll-film made for it by Adox (unperforated 35 mm film, with frame-numbered backing paper, similar to 828 film). 1937 models had a collapsible frames viewfinder. From 1938 the cameras got a rigid telescopic finder. In 1950 the camera was relaunched by Adox as Adox Juka.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Contrary to some online for-sale ads, there is no evidence this camera was ever manufactured or marketed as a "Submersible" camera, this is likely due to a poor translation or interpretation of the word "Sub-miniature".

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