Has Jenoptik AG, the successor of East Germany's famous combinate Carl Zeiss Jena, ever produced one digital camera or did it just give its name as trademark for products of other camera makers? It began its digital camera business with simple small cameras like the JD 11, which was a simple digital viewfinder camera that sometimes seemed more like a device for lomography than for photography. Later it brought a series of average digital consumer zoom cameras. Some simple compact camera models for 35mm film and APS film were also available.

Whilst Jenoptik's business with popular compact cameras seems to rest on an unknown OEM manufacturer, it is involved actively in the making of several types of professional cameras. Since November 2006 it cooperates with Leaf to produce a medium format digital camera.


digital microscope cameras[]

  • ProGres 10plus
  • ProGres 12plus

digital back for view camera with cooled CCD[]

  • eye like precision M6
  • eye like precision M11
  • eye like precision M16
  • eye like precision M22

medium format camera (Leaf joint-venture)[]