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The Jenic is a Japanese subminiature camera, made around 1948 by an unknown company.

Description Edit

The Jenic takes 14×14mm pictures (some sources say 15×15mm) on 17.5mm paper backed rollfilm.[1] It has a vertical shape, just like a miniature movie camera. There is a rigid optical finder at the top. The left side of the camera is removable for film loading, and is locked by a wheel at the middle. The film chambers only use the rear portion of the camera's internals, and there is plenty of room left, including a compartment storing an additional film roll. The advance knob is on the photographer's right, and there is a single uncovered red window on the back.

The lens is a Jenic Anastigmat 3.5cm f/2.8, giving some telephoto effect, equivalent to the use of an 85mm lens on a 24×36mm camera. The aperture is adjustable from 2.8 to 11 by a knob placed under the lens, but the focus is fixed.

The shutter is tripped by a button placed on the right side, near the bottom. It is reportedly cocked by the lever visible on the same side, in front of the advance knob.[2] The speeds (B, 200, 100, 50, 20) are selected by a knob above the lens, replicating the aperture knob.

The camera is identified by a Jenic nameplate screwed to the right side. The lens has a serial number, engraved on the outer part of the rim.

Origin Edit

The Jenic (ゼインックス) is briefly mentioned in a column about the Meteor in Kohga Gekkan January 1948.[3] Its manufacturer is unknown, but it might be distantly related to the Baby Colon, which shows some similarities in the shape and in the control layout.

Notes Edit

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Bibliography Edit

The Jenic is not listed in Kokusan kamera no rekishi.

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