Imperial was a main camera brand of the Herbert George Co. Chicago / Illinois, a company founded by Herbert Weil and George Israel around 1945. Imperial box cameras were marketed under the brand name Herco as Herco Imperial. Imperial lasted as brand name for these cameras. In 1961 company ownership changed and the whole company was renamed to Imperial Camera Corp. . It made solid bakelite and plastic cameras - one of the first very colorful series of cameras.


Imperial Debonair Mercury Satellite 127 Imperial Satellite 127 Official Girl Scout
Herco Imperial Imperial 127 Reflex Imperial Satellite 127 Imperial Delta
Imperial Insta-Flash Imperial Instant Load 900 Imperial Mark 27 Imperial Mark XII Flash
Imperial Princess Imperial Reflex 620
Duo Lens
Imperial Six-Twenty Magimatic X50
Imperial Cubex IV Imperial Insta-Flash Savoy Mark II


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