Instant C

Instant C

Sportsman Instant is a 126 cartridge film viewfinder camera made by Dacora for Ilford and introduced in 1967.

The Sportsman C is the simplest of the three Ilford cameras in the 'Instant' range. The 'Instant' cameras used the 126 drop-in Instamatic film cartridge, introduced by Kodak in June 1963. Having initally tried, with Agfa, to compete with the Kodak Instamatic cartridge and cameras by introducing cameras using the Agfa Rapid film cassette system, Ilford finally accepted the inevitable and produced their own 126 cartridge cameras and films in late 1966 or January 1967. The Sportsman Instant range was made, as were all the other Sportsman cameras, by Dacora in West Germany. The sources raises the possibility that the Sportsman Instant camera range was only marketed in mainland Europe and not the UK? In the latter case, it is possible that the Ilfomatic range of 126 cartridge cameras were the lower cost UK equivalent.


Sportsman C instant (original)Edit

The Sportsman C Instant has a bright-line viewfinder and the simple Color-Subitar lens is labelled Ciba-Ilford, presumably in recognition that, in 1966, Ciba and ICI acquired all the outstanding shares of Ilford. This was a prelude to Ciba in 1969 acquiring all ICI's shares in Ilford and becoming sole owner. It has two shutter speeds, 1/90thsec and 1/30th sec, corresponding to 'Sun' and 'Cloud'.

Version EEdit

Sportsman E (126 cartridge)

Instant E

It is clearly the 'upmarket' version of the Sportsman Instant range, having a Color-dignar anastigmat lens and a built-in selenium exposure meter.

In all other respects it follows the layout of the Sportsman C Instant.

Version REdit

Tn Sportsman R

Instant R

It has four exposure settings, marked with the symbols 'Sun', 'Sun with Cloud', 'Cloudy' are according to Mjsjwjwjwiwjwjwjjsjwjwjwjwjwjjsjwjwjwjwjwjsjsjjsjsjwjwjwjwjsjaurice Fisher [1] and McKeown's [2]

See also the article Ilford Sportsman series.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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