Sporti 6

Sporti 6 is a medium format roll 120 film viewfinder camera made by Dacora for Ilford introduced in c.1963.

It is introduced with an updated look in Ilford Sporti series, lever wind, a two-speed shutter (1/50 & 1/100) and a choice of three apertures, f8, f11 and f16. The body was plastic, with a metal face plate around the viewfinder and lens barrel. The entire back and base were removable as a unit for film loading; the base having a hole through it for the tripod bush, which was mounted in the body. Beside the viewfinder was a panel suggesting a light meter, but which actually just contained the Ilford nameplate and a red indicator when winding was required. The shutter would not fire until the film was wound, thus preventing double-exposures. The lens focused from 5ft/1.5m to infinity, with similar zones to the Sporti, except that the "6" has symbols in place of words. The flash sync PC socket was behind the speed selector ring, which had a cut-out which lined up with the socket when set to the flash sync speed of 1/50, thus ensuring the correct speed was selected when the flash was connected.

Compared to the original Sporti, the "6" was much lighter and about 1cm shorter in height.

It is same as the Dacora 66.