Ilford Sporti page 1

Sporti is a medium format roll 120 film viewfinder camera made by Dacora for Ilford introduced in c.1959.

The 120 film Sporti was metal-framed, with a little plastic used in the lens barrel; later versions seem to have had a plastic winding knob in place of the metal one. The back was hinged, and had a central red window. The Sporti was almost identical to the Dacora Digna 1. The shutter speed was fixed, with flash sync, and a cable release socket in the release button. The cable release socket was dropped on the later models. The shutter release - beside the lens barrel - was pressed inwards to shoot. There were two apertures - "Sunny" and "Cloudy/Flash", selected by a switch on top of the lens barrel. The lens focused from 5ft - infinity, marked into "CLOSE-UPS", "GROUPS" and "VIEWS" zones.

It is similar as the Dacora Digna.