The Ilford Craftsman was a pseudo TLR made by Ilford in the UK, introduced in 1949.

The viewing lens was fixed, but the taking lens had continuous focusing, marked in zones (4-5feet, 5-7, 7-10, 10-20 feet, 20-infinity) - and a choice of f9 and f18 apertures. The Everset shutter had speeds of 1/75, 1/25 + B. These two exposure settings were controlled by knobs below the taking lens. There was flash synchronisation, via Ilford's own two-pin connector (similar to the Advocate), on the left side level with the lens The body was made of leather-grain patterned plastic, with a metal viewfinder hood/cover and a chromed vertical-striped front panel. There was a red window with a cover operated by a knob on the lower left of the back.

The Craftsman took twelve 6x6cm images on 120 or 620 film (Ilford designated these films 20 and Z20).