The Ultrix is a series of self-unfolding roll film cameras made by Ihagee, Dresden in 1930/1931. There are at least two versions of this camera, the smaller one taking 4.5×6cm pictures on 127 film. The larger one is a dual format camera using 120 film or 6.5×9cm glass plate backs. It takes 6×9cm pictures or 4.5×6cm when using an insertable mask. Its full name is Ihagee Zweiformat Auto-Ultrix. A number of lens shutter combinations are reported: among them

  • a 10.5/4.5 Schneider Radionar set in a Compur shutter (Z, B, 1-1/250s).
  • a Radionar f:4,5 F=10,5cm Schneider-Kreuznach in Prontor II shutter (T, B, 1-1/150s).
  • a 10.5/7.7 Ihagee anastigmat in a Zenit shutter (Z, B, 1-1/100s).
  • a 7/5.6 Ihagee anastigmat in a two-bladed Pronto shutter (T, B, 1-1/100s).
  • a three-bladed Pronto II shutter.

Focusing is done with the lever over the lens barrel and f-stops are set with the lever below the barrel. Shutter speeds are selected with a marker on the ring around the lens barrel front side. Behind that ring are the shutter cocking lever, the self-timer cocking lever and the shutter release lever. Ultrix cameras were supplied with both a brillant finder and a framefinder. Some models even may have had an Albada finder. The metal body is covered with imitation leather with the Ihagee factory name embossed in it on the front and the back.