Hoya Corporation (HOYA㈱)[1] is a Japanese company, mainly known as a producer of filters.

The company was founded on November 1, 1941, as a manufacturer of optical glass under the name Tōyō Kōgaku Garasu Seizōsho (東洋光学硝子製造所, meaning Oriental Optical Glass Manufacturer).[2] It was incorporated as K.K. Tōyō Kōgaku Garasu Seizōsho (㈱東洋光学硝子製造所) in August 1944 and became K.K. Hōya Kuristaru Garasu Seizōsho (㈱保谷クリスタル硝子製造所, meaning Hoya Crystal Glass Manufacturer) in August 1947, then K.K. Hōya Garasu (㈱保谷硝子) in 1960 and finally HOYA K.K. (HOYA㈱) in 1984.[3]

The Hoya Corporation is in the process of acquiring the Pentax Corporation.[4] The merger is expected to be culminated on October 1, 2007. The new business will be named Hoya Pentax HD Corporation. Fumio Urano, the current head of Pentax, will become Chairman of the Board and Hiroshi Suzuki, the current head of Hoya, will become President & CEO.

Known to camera enthusiasts for its line of photographic filters, the renowned glass maker also produces glass for semiconductor blanks and hard disk substrates. It produces eyeglass lenses and various medical optics. A subsidiary, Hoya Crystal, manufactures crystal glass tableware, chandeliers, and designer ash trays.

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