The Horizont, marked in cyrillic Горизонт for the home market, is a sturdy and well built Russian panoramic camera, similar to the Panon Widelux or the later KW Noblex. Some 49,849 were made by KMZ from 1967-1973[1]. The panning 28mm f2.8 lens makes 24×58mm frames on 35mm film, giving a 120° view. By adjusting the slit width exposure times of 1/30s, 1/60s and 1/125s can be set on the dial at the top plate. An un-calibrated and unmarked 1/250s is also available. In the center of the dial is a film speed reminder dial. The viewfinder - which includes a circular spirit level[2] - is fitted into a vertical shoe on the front, to sit on top of the camera at the left-hand side. The two first digits in the serial number at the back indicates year of manufacture. A complete set also includes a bakelite hand grip to be fitted to the camera base, and a black leather outfit case

Horizon Revue and Global-H seem to be alternative names for the Horizont[3]. The Horizon 202 is a later, updated version with an ABS body and the viewfinder built-in, centred on the top-plate.

The Horizon Kompakt is similar to the Horizon 202, but finished in cream, with knob wind, while the 202 has lever wind. This is still (2008) available.

Reference Edit

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Specifications Edit

  • Lens: MC f2.8/28mm
  • Angle: 120°
  • Shutter Speeds: 202:1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250- 202s:1/500 to 1/60-1/15-1/2 with 1/500-problems get Perfekt instead-Perfekt without 1/15. it seems slit was too small(banding). so they must have enlarged it and quicker rotation on perfekt. S3Pro has ideal slithwidht/speed-combinations said chief-engineer Nicolai Tarassow(cheers!)Replace its lens by a 202 one. 202-lens perfect at f16. s3pro-lens has diffraction. Unsharp images when enlarged big. KMZ-Zenith why oh why?
  • Film Format: 135 (19 to 23 pictures 24 x 58mm)

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