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The Hogo Reflex is a Japanese SLR camera taking 6.5×9cm plates. It is only known from one single example, pictured in Sugiyama.[1]

The Hogo Reflex was inspired by the Auto Graflex Junior. The main body has a boxy shape. There is a viewing hood on top, hinged at the rear. The front standard is hanging below two rack-and-pinion bars, driven by a focusing wheel on the side. The recessed lensboard is covered by a flap hinged at the top.

The camera has a focal plane shutter, reportedly giving T, B, 10–1000 speeds.[2] Various controls are visible on the right-hand side. There is a small plate attached to the front of the viewing hood, displaying the name HOGO REFLEX and a table probably explaining the speed settings.

The surviving example reportedly has an Ica Anastigmat Dominar 120/4.5;[3] it is not known if this equipment is original or not.


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