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Hasegawa (長谷川) is a fairly common Japanese family name, appearing in the name of various companies.

Hasegawa Kōki Kenkyūjo (wartime)[]

Hasegawa Kōki Kenkyūjo (長谷川光機研究所) was a Japanese company based in Tokyo, Adachi in 1943.[1] It is mentioned in the "Kokusan shashinki no genjōchōsa" ("Inquiry into Japanese cameras") as the maker of the T, B, 25–150 shutter of the Bonny Four and of the T, B, 5–200 shutter of the Bonny Six I.[2]

Hasegawa Seisakusho (postwar)[]

The company Hasegawa Seisakusho (長谷川製作所) is mentioned in Kokusan kamera no rekishi as the maker of the Hasemiflex 6×6 SLR, briefly announced in Japanese magazines dated 1954–5.[3] It is probably the same company which made the Hasemi 8×10" Studio Camera pictured in Sugiyama and dated 1983,[4] as well as the Hasemi Wood Technical FT45 pictured in this page.


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