Hanimex was founded after WWII to import European cameras to Australia. It was founded by Jack Hannes who gave it its name which was an abbreviation for Hannes Import Export. It sold cameras that were made by Tōkyō Kōgaku, Sedic and Royal in Japan, by Finetta, Montanus, Vredeborch and Dacora in West Germany, by Pentacon in East Germany, by Chinese and other manufacturers. Hanimex distributed SLR lenses for several different lens mounts of renowned camera systems. The lenses were also just branded as Hanimex.[1] Nowadays the website of Fujifilm Australia appears behind the web-address .


   Date    Origin
Eaglet c.1952
Electra II c.1962 a rebadged Dacora-Matic 4D
Hanimar c.1953 a rebadged Finetta 88
Hanimette c.1966 a rebadged Beirette
Hanimex 100 LF Tele
Hanimex 101 Rapid c.1966 a rebadged Dacora D 101 Rapid
Hanimex 101F Rapid
Hanimex 108F
Hanimex 110 EF / IEF
Hanimex 110 F Auto-Grip
Hanimex 110 DF Tele
Hanimex 110 FL Tele
Hanimex 110 MF Amphibian
Hanimex 110 TF Motor c.1968
Hanimex PF 428 (110)
Hanimex 202 Rapid
Hanimex Amphibian (Underwater diving camera)
Hanimex 35 AFX
Hanimex 35 AL
Hanimex 35 Auto-EE
Hanimex 35 DL
Hanimex 35 Dual Lens
Hanimex 35ee Micro
Hanimex 35 EFP
Hanimex 35 EM
Hanimex 35 ES

Hanimex 35 ESM

Hanimex 35 F
Hanimex 35 FE
Hanimex 35 FM
Hanimex 35 FX
Hanimex 35 HF
Hanimex 35 HF Motor
Hanimex 35 HL
Hanimex 35 HS
Hanimex 35 RAS
Hanimex 35 HSC
Hanimex 35 IF
Hanimex 35 IF Sport
Hanimex 35 KAF
Hanimex 35 KAS
Hanimex 35 KF
Hanimex 35 MAF
Hanimex 35 MB-3s
Hanimex 35 MD
Hanimex 35 ME
Hanimex 35 Microflash
Hanimex 35 MF
Hanimex 35 RAF
Hanimex 35 RAS
Hanimex 35 Reflex Flash
Hanimex 35 RL-1
Hanimex 35 SE
Hanimex 35 SL a rebadged Chinon CS
Hanimex 35 WF
Hanimex Electronic 3if
Hanimex 404 Rapid
Hanimex A35 c.1958 a rebadged Samoca 35 M-28[2]
Hanimex Big Eye Motor
Hanimex Compact A
Hanimex Compact R c.1970s a rebadged Ricoh 500 G
Hanimex Date
Hanimex C-35 c.1959 a rebadged Royal 35P[3]
Hanimex CR-1000 (SLR)
Hanimex D-35 c.1959 a rebadged Royal 35P[4]
Hanimex DR-1 (SLR) (made by Cosina [a CT-1?])
Hanimex Duomatic
Hanimex FC5s
Hanimex Handy
Hanimex IC500
Hanimex IC2000
Hanimex IC3000
Hanimex Mini
Hanimex Mini AF
Hanimex Panorama 35
Hanimex Praktica 66 same as the Pentacon Six
Hanimex Praktica LB c.1975 same as the Praktica LB
Hanimex Praktica LTL c.1975 same as the Praktica LTL
Hanimex Praktica Mat c.1967 same as Praktica Mat
Hanimex Praktica Nova I & IB See Praktica Nova
Hanimex Praktica Super TL c.1969 See Praktica Super TL
Hanimex RF-35
Hanimex RF-35d
Hanimex SnapShot
Hanimex SnapShot 10
Hanimex SnapShot Brite
Hanimex Standard 120 Box c.1954 made by Vredeborch
Hanimex Tele 110 TF
Hanimex Topcon RE Auto
Hanimex VC3500
Hanimex Vision I
Hanimex Vision III
Holiday c.1958 a rebadged Walz 35[5]
Holiday 35 c.1958 a rebadged Royal 35P[6]
Holiday 35 c.1972
Holiday II
Werra IB c.1954 a rebadged Werra I [7]


  1. In addition. HANIMEX sold camera flashes, film cameras (eg. Hanimex Loadmatic MP300 Super8 camera, Hanimex U8 Zoom Super8 camera), slide projectors (eg. Hanimex Arus 500) and film projectors (eg the Hanimex Dual-matic IQ 1000S Super8 film projector) and dark room equipment.
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