The Halina Simplette Electric was a camera for 126 films (Kodapak cartridges) made by Haking in Hong Kong c.1970. It was quite sophisticated for a 126 camera, being built on a metal frame with a focusing lens, an uncoupled selenium meter - with the gauge on the top plate - and a choice of four apertures, f/8 - f/22 set by a lever on the side of the lens barrel. There was a flip-up bulb flash gun mounted on the top plate. Later models may have a flashcube mount in place of the bulb holder. There were several other Simplette models.

  • Type: instant load camera
  • Manufacturer: Haking
  • Films: 126 film cartridges
  • Lenses: Halina Achromat
  • Viewfinder: optical
  • Flash: reflector for flash bulb can be turned up (on camera top)