Halina 35-600 black body

This zone focus viewfinder 35mm camera was produced by Haking. The camera was sold in the UK by Dixons under the name Prinz Saturn 35 Auto and also appears to have been sold as a Hanimex Compact A, Weist 135L and Hitawa in some markets.

It shares some features with the earlier Halina 500 and the Olympus Trip 35 .

It has a Halina Anastigmat 40mm f/2.8 lens and like the Halina 500 uses a CdS meter system powered by a now defunct PX625 mercury cell (modern alternative exists)

The CdS-metering controls the aperture (f/2.8 to f/22) and shutter in a similar fashion to the Olympus Trip 35. The shutter release will be locked when light is too dim and a red flag will appear in the viewfinder. 

Like the Olympus Trip 35 the Camera has an Automode mode (A) which the user sets on a ring around the lens or sets the aperture for flash use. If selecting the aperture with an operational CdS metering the opeing of the aperture is also dependant on the light falling on the CdS system like the Olympus Trip 35. Without the battery unlike the Olympus Trip 35, the camera  functions as a fully manual camera with shutter at the lower speed.

Focus is by a 4 zone focus system (0.8, 1.5, 3m and infinity). 

It supports  ASA setting from 25-400 set by ring in front

Shutter button has a screw point for cable release on the top of the Camera. Film advance is by thumbwheel and a standard tripod mount is on the base. There is a hotshoe and  PC sync cable point for flash