Hachiyō Kōgaku Kōgyō K.K. (八陽光学工業㈱) or Hachiyo Optical Co. was a Japanese company known for making Alpenflex and Stereo Alpen cameras.

The company had its origin in a fortified factory set up during the war by Nippon Kōgaku in Yamagata Prefecture (in the north of Japan's main island).[1] In an advertisement for the Alpenflex I (or IS), Tanaka Shōkai makes explicit Hachiyo's origin as the Shiojiri (塩尻) factory of Nippon Kōgaku, and also uses Hachiyo's manufacture of microscopes as a sales point.[2]

The company went out of business in 1955.[3]

Camera list[]


  • E-Alpo (E-アルポ) enlarging lens: 75/3.5 and 50/3.5[4]

Hachiyō certainly also made the Orient II and Orient III shutters mounted on the Alpenflex. An Orient II shutter has also been observed on an example of the Rolex 35 III.


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Sources / further reading[]

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