The Goldi is a folding camera taking 3×4cm pictures on 127 film, as well as 4x6,5 cm cameras, that was made by the German company Zeh from 1932 onwards. It has a folding bed and the lens and shutter assembly is mounted on a metal plate attached to the body by scissor struts. It also has a folding optical finder. It was available with:

Zeh made the same camera as OEM product for other companies, for example as Ysella for Rodenstock.

There is a Japanese copy of the Goldi, called the Baby Rosen, made by the company Proud. The same company sold a modified version in 4×4 format, called the Rosen Four, that was also sold by Riken as the Adler Four.


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  1. Possibly a rebadged Schneider Radionar
  2. Prontor II T, B, 175, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, 2, 1, not synchronized .—On-line auction