The Goko FR 2200, or Goko Macromax FR 2200, is a compact camera with 25mm lens for the Advanced Photo system. Its speciality is its enormous macro capability. It was produced in Malaysia. A version with and another without built-in quartz clock were available. The clock needs an extra battery (2025). The clock enlights the film with date and time. That's not the usual way of date storage in APS cameras. The camera's only feature of the APS system is the print format preselector that also changes the size of the viewfinder's bright frame. Typical compact camera features are the self-timer and the selectable anti-red-eye LED. An autofocus is missing.

The lever which opens the lens hood also switches on the camera. It has 3 on-positions. The first is the green mode, the normal mode with full aperture. The lens stays in the position that it has under the lens hood when the camera is switched off. The second or yellow mode is the super macro mode with smaller aperture and with nearly invisible elongation of the lens tube. The third mode is the red or ultra macro mode with further extended lens tube and the aperture reduced to minimum. The flash is switched on automatically for the macro modes, except when switched off in the green mode before.

For parallax correction the viewfinder shows different image center marks for the three modes.


  • Type: compact camera
  • Manufacturer: Goko
  • Year of launch: 1997
  • Films: IX240 (APS films cartridges) with speeds ISO 100 to 400
  • Lens: 1:6.7/25mm (3 elements), switchable to macro modes for 30-100 cm and for 10-30 cm distance
  • Shutter: Speeds 1/90 to 1/300 sec., controlled electronically
  • Viewfinder: Albada type, image framed by bright frame in chosen APS print format, indicators for image center in macro modes, color of macro mode shown in one corner
  • Display: LCD that shows film advance, flash mode and self-timer
  • Flash: built-in, reaching as far as 2.4 m with ISO 100 film
  • Film advance: motorized
  • Dimensions: 109.5×63.0×42.5mm
  • Weight: 170 g without CR2 battery