In 1989 the Sansei Kōki Co., Ltd. (三星光機株式会社) took its camera brand name Goko as its company name, Goko Camera Co., Ltd. (Gokoカメラ株式会社[1]) The company had been founded in 1953 by Gotō Tadashi (後藤 正). It produced optical parts and accessories for different types of cameras. In 1960 it changed their leading product to 8mm film editor. Its Ina (伊那) factory in Nakagawa, Nagano Prefecture (Japan) which produced plastic parts fully automatically ("no-man-power") became famous in 1967 as model company for rationalization.

In 1982 Goko got into the camera-making business by introducing its patented UF (Universal Focus) camera, a fixed-focus camera for both, macro and infinity focusing. It was one of the first viewfinder cameras usable with motor drive for film advance.

Nowadays Goko has become a company group. One of its camera branches is located in Malaysia.


Many of Goko's cameras are sold together with accessories for macro photography, or such accessories are available.


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  1. With Goko in Roman letters.