The Goerz Rollfilm Tenax or Roll-Tenax was launched in 1921 by Goerz in Berlin. It is a folding bed camera, constructed of different metals and nicely covered with black leather.

There are many lens/shutter combinations and various formats.[1]

The variant for 120 film (6x9 format) has a fast durable Compur shutter with speeds 1, 1/5, 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100 and 1/250 seconds in M (moment) mode, plus Z (time) and D (bulb) mode.

The leaf shutter has one mode dial and a separate speed dial.

The lens is a C. P. Goerz Berlin Tenastigmat 1:6.3 F=10cm, or a 1:6.8 Dagor of similar focal length.

The lensboard is hinged to the slide so that the slide keeps being connected to the rails on the folding bed when the bellows is collapsed and the camera closed. When opened and unfolded slide and lensboard are locked in place, but focusing from infinity to smaller distances is possible by shifting the rails forward by means of the thumb wheel in one side of the folding bed. On the other side is a distance scale on the folding bed and a pointer over it which is connected to one rail.

The camera has just a brilliant finder of other than "WYSIWYG" quality. Some Rollfilm Tenaxes have the finder combined with a spirit level.

Notes and references[]

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