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The Gnome Pixie is a box camera with a flip-up sports-finder, made in Gt. Britain, with an almost cubic, crinkled black enamelled metal body. Format: twelve 6x6cm images on 620 film. Simple shutter, I & B only.

There were several variations; the first model was introduced in 1949; in 1951 a leatherette covering and black edges were added. A more luxurious "model II" was also available, with chrome edges; in 1951 the shutter release was moved from the edge to the top of the body[1].

The Baby Pixie was a similar camera made for 4.5x6cm frames; another, with the addition of a reflex viewfinder, was the Gnome Pixie Flex.

Gnome were a company better known for producing darkroom equipment (such as enlargers) and projectors than cameras.


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