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The Glico pistol camera is a Japanese subminiature shaped as a toy pistol, taking 10×14mm pictures on 16mm film in Minolta cassettes.


The camera is rather a toy than a credible reproduction of a pistol. An eye-level viewfinder is integrated at the top. The film is advanced by a small knob on the photographer's right, and the advance is apparently manually controlled by watching the numbers engraved on the knob. The shutter is tripped by a trigger on the handgrip. There is a small selector on the right, below the viewfinder, switching between Bulb and Instant exposures. The lens is deeply recessed in a rectangular fairing at the front, imitating a pistol's nozzle. It has a fixed focus and aperture, and has no marking.


It is said that the Glico pistol camera was offered by the company Ezaki Glico, certainly together with some of its confectionery products.[1] The date is given as 1946 in Sugiyama,[1] but this is a sure mistake: the 16mm film Minolta cassettes were not yet produced at the time, and the camera looks much later, perhaps from the 1960s.


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The Glico pistol camera is not listed in Kokusan kamera no rekishi.


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