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The Gelto Six (ゲルトシックス) is a Japanese 6×6 folder, made by Tōa Kōki and distributed by Hattori Tokei-ten. It is only mentioned in the government inquiry listing Japanese camera production as of April 1943.[1] It has a Gelto II shutter giving T, B, 1–300 speeds, made by Tōa Kōki.[2] The lens is a three-element Grimmel 75/3.5 made by Fujita Kōgaku Kikai.[3]

The camera is not listed in the official list of set prices compiled in October 1940 and published in January 1941.[4] It was thus not yet produced at the time.

No surviving example and no picture has been observed so far.


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This camera is not listed in Sugiyama nor in Kokusan kamera no rekishi.