GOMZ (ГОМЗ in Cyrillic) stands for Gosudarstvennyi Optiko-Mekhanicheskii Zavod (Государственный оптико-механический завод), State Optical-Mechanical Factory. Founded in 1932 near Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), the GOMZ factory is one of the oldest Soviet optical companies. It was the manufacturer of the early series of the famous Lubitel cameras. One of the biggest and oldest Soviet camera industry giant was GOMZ. In 1962 GOMZ became a part the Leningrad Optical and Mechanical Association of Enterprises (LOOMP), (= Ленинградское объединение оптико-механических предприятий, ЛООМП).

In 1965 the name changed again as Leningrad Optical-Mechanical Union. (LOMO), (= Ленинградское Oптико-Mеханическое Oбъединение, ЛОМО́). Fotokor-1 folding bed, Reporter folding, Komsomolets TLR, Smena 35mm series, Leningrad 35mm rangefinder series and some other cameras were manufactured in GOMZ also.

More info about GOMZ in Soviet Factory Logos


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